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Bloodstain pattern analysis

The science of bloodstain pattern analysis applies scientific knowledge from other fields to solve practical problems. Bloodstain pattern analysis draws on the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. If an analyst follows a scientific process, this applied science can produce strong, solid evidence, making it an effective tool for investigators.

Best to ask for permission first!

You will need:

  • basin of water
  • food dye (water soluble so that you can clean it up!)
  • measuring jug
  • cup
  • outdoor space
  • old clothes
  • ruler
  • binbags or old sheet to drop the liquid on to

Fill the basin with water and add a few drops of red food dye, to look authentic. 


Use the measuring jug to add specific amounts of liquid to the cup, hold the cup at arms length and turn upside down.


Measure the distance of the splash.


Try comparing dropping different amounts, dropping from different heights and using liquids of different thickness.



You could also see whether there’s a difference in the surface the liquid lands on eg concrete, grass, soil etc.