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Fruit battery

We looked at a few of the many applications of science and technology involving products available from a supermarket.  In this experiment we use the acids withn different fruits as a battery. Monitor your results for the different fruits and see what produces the most power.

You will need:

  • Different fruit (lemons, potatoes…)
  • metal strips
  • nails or coins
  • LEDs
  • crocodile clips (can be bought in DIY/hardware stores)

Roll the lemon around or give it a good squeeze to get the juices moving.


Insert a penny into a cut on one side of the lemon.


Push a galvanized nail into the other side of the lemon. The nail and penny must not touch.


Attach crocodile clips from the nail and penny to the LED to complete the circuit.


Use additional pieces of fruit if necessary to light the LED, see how many of each item is needed for success.



  • You could also compare different types of metals and see whether any of them are more effective.