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The Windgenerator project


The theme of wind generators has been chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly the reliance on fossil fuels for power generation has a limited lifetime, and secondly there are the environmental considerations of greenhouse gas emissions resulting in global warming. Pupils are encouraged to be responsible citizens and developing informed attitudes to power generation and environmental impact is an important area of education.

Wind generators themselves are a readily modelled form of technology which is accessible to all pupils as the principles of operation are simple and easily understood. The planning and siting of wind farms involves different skills which may interest pupils who are strong in Social subjects, in particular Geography, but also Modern Studies, and Religious and Moral Education. Numeracy, communication, presentation and problem solving skills are all utilised in this activity, all of which contribute to pupils’ enterprise skills.


It is your task to design and build a scale model of a wind generator that will generate as much electricity as possible. The wind generator that you design must be built to an approximate scale of 1:60 so that it will fit on the base-board supplied, and it will be tested using the wind machine provided. Your design work will also be judged. You will work in a team, in competition against other teams. Teamwork is vital if you are to have any chance of success.

Gain further marks by:

  • Calculating the minimum volume that the Windgenerator could be packed into for transport to the site.
  • Producing a list of plant equipment that would be required to build a Windgenerator at the wind farm’s construction site.
  • Designing and making a poster which promotes wind farms as a method of generating clean electricity, and designing the Corporate Identity for the team. This could include uniforms, letterheads, logos, business cards, publicity brochures etc.
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